Your Complete Guide to Salesforce NetZero

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud was earlier known as Sustainability Cloud. It has been renamed to properly reflect Salesforce’s commitment to carbon neutrality. Net Zero Cloud can be used as a Salesforce app, which is based on the Salesforce Lightning platform and provides users with capabilities to improve collaboration, project management, and reporting. Plus, you receive accurate vital insights into your carbon footprint with Net Zero Cloud’s greenhouse gas emissions calculator, which uses worldwide emission factors for calculation. The Cloud lets you collect, categorize, and analyze data on energy use and greenhouse gas emissions throughout your company’s business operations.

The cloud is powered by a combination of the cleanest and most abundant sources of renewable energy – solar and wind, so the company’s operations no longer need to be dependent on fossil fuels, which is one of the major sources of carbon emissions. Along with transitioning to a renewable energy-powered cloud, Salesforce has also taken into account other sustainability initiatives like reducing waste and recycling, to achieve its net zero goal and set an example for others.

Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud allows businesses to access powerful technology without harming the environment, by reducing its own energy consumption and carbon emissions, significantly contributing to the fight against climate change. The aim is to introduce sustainability in the tech industry and as the world’s largest CRM company, Salesforce aspires to inspire others to follow its lead.

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