Unity Software Lets 600 Workers Go Using the All-Too-Familiar Playbook

Unity Software has announced it is laying off 600 employees in its third round of layoffs, citing future growth.

Unity is the maker of one of the most popular game engines in use. Despite the popularity of its products, the company has already been involved in two different rounds of layoffs.

According to The Wall StreetJournal, the company is now engaging in a third round of layoffs, one that will see 600 jobs cut. In an interview with the outlet, CEO John Riccitiello said blamed concerns of a recession and the need to put the company in the best position moving forward.

“It’s all about setting ourselves up for higher growth,” he said.

Riccitiello said the company was also trying to flatten the layers of management, something many companies in the tech industry have been doing when laying off employees.

“It was clear we had too many layers,” he said.

WSJ also reports that Unity plans to go to a hybrid work model in September, with employees expected to work from the office at least three days a week.

“It’s a lot harder to make something together with 10 to 20 people if everyone’s on Zoom,” Mr. Riccitiello said.

When taken together, Unity’s decisions follow the template virtually all Big Tech companies have used: blame a possible recession, say the layoffs are for future growth, emphasize the need to flatten organizational structure, and start forcing people back to the office.

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