TikToker Tracks How Many Steps His Bulldog Makes and It’s So Unexpected

There are so many useful apps and specific gadgets that help people track their steps and physical activity. These trackers help people set goals. But the downside to tracking is that you might not get in as many steps as you might think.

That’s what happened for TikToker user @matty_ef. Well, it wasn’t a step counter for him but instead for his English Bulldog. We knew English Bulldogs weren’t the most energetic, but this puts it in a whole new perspective. LOL!

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LMAO! No wonder this clip has over 5.4 million views, it’s downright hilarious. We’ve never been curious about how many steps our dogs take in a day but now, after watching this video, we’re dying to know. Can someone make a step tracker for dogs so we can be 100% sure it’s accurate?! Please!

“I dunno, I reckon that was a good effort,” said @ginger.freckle. HA! We don’t know what this TikToker was expecting, but he should’ve known his English Bulldog wasn’t going to move too much. And honestly, @gldnboy9 brings up a good point, “82 times 4 paws though.” That’s an excellent point! Don’t undersell this dog’s effort of the day. LOL!

Even the official TikTok account for Tootsie Roll commented and said what this bulldog was thinking. It reads, “Today drained me.” We feel you, buddy, we feel you. Every day drains us. LOL! “He is my spirit animal,” wrote @pinkcess89. SAME! Taking only 82 steps in a day sounds like our lazy day dream.

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