The Climate Community – UFO-shaped cloud noticed within the GTA

Look! It is a chicken. It is a aircraft. No, it is a UFO-shaped cloud?

The spaceship-looking cloud noticed within the GTA Wednesday afternoon was actually simply a big cumulonimbus cloud producing a thunderstorm of frequent lightning and torrential rain over the Niagara area.

So what gave it this spaceship-looking look?

Cloud tops on this thunderstorm, or plane, reached between 40,000 to 50,000 ft. That is additionally the place the layer of the tropopause is within the ambiance.

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When clouds attain this stage, they’re now not in a position to rise additional and start to unfold out on this wide-flat wanting form. This a part of the cloud is called the anvil.

Anvils can unfold tons of of kilometers in width which permits viewers from distant to seize the panoramic shot of those spectacular wanting clouds.

Thumbnail Credit score: Nathan Howes, The Climate Community

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