Shop these viral TikTok pasta-shaped kitchen gadgets on Amazon

Mamma mia, it’s pasta time!

Really, it’s always pasta time for those who love the carbacious curls and starchy straight noodles that can be cooked up and combined into an endless array of dishes.

However, did you see that not only can you cool pasta in a pot or pan, but you can cook it with pasta too?

For those who have yet to see the viral TikTok videos and Instagram posts, the Amazon storefront Monkey Business sells pasta-shaped cooking gadgets that are both helpful and hilarious to look at in the kitchen.

We’ll start with one of the most viral, the Conchiglie Pasta Shaped Silicone Lemon Squeezer ($12). Better know some as shells or shell pasta, simply put the lemon wedge into the conchiglie shell and then squeeze the juice out, letting it drip down through the opening at the end and into your bowl or right into the pot for a lemon pasta dish .

Moving on to some safety shape, did you know that you should always have your bow tie on and ready when boiling water? In this case, you really should, as the Farfalloni-Shaped Pot Holders ($16) are game changers when handling hot pots and pans. The noodle folds slip right on to the handles of the pot and create a safe place to put your hands. Once you’re ready to set the pot back down on the table, be sure to use a Rotelle-Shaped Silicone Trivet ($16) to protect your table from the heat.

Other amazing and appetizing options include a Ravioli-Shaped Spoon Rest ($15), a Spaghetti-Shaped Plastic Spaghetti Spoon ($16) and some Mafaldine-Shaped Silicone Bands ($10) to make sure your unused noodles don’t dry out when you put them back in the cupboard for later.

We know you want these all for yourself, but should you be looking for the perfect pasta present, they also sell a four-piece gift set ($37) that comes with the Farfalloni, Ravioli, Mafaldine and a Penneli-shaped garlic press to help remove the peel and get you ready to cook like a true Italian — plenty of oil and garlic, please.

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