Rajasthan: Pilot did this work against CM Gehlot even after the high command refused, a big decision can be taken today!

Internet Desk. There was 6 months for the assembly elections in Rajasthan, but before that the ongoing cold war between Pilot and Gehlot was not expected to end. Now Sachin Pilot has openly opened a front against Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. He has announced to take out the Jan Sangharsh Padyatra by holding a press conference on Tuesday. Along with this, Gehlot has been targeted on many other issues.

At the same time, if the news inside is to be believed, Sachin Pilot was forbidden to hold a press conference. But despite that, Pilot held a press conference against Gehlot. He has also told the high command that why he is stopped every time.

According to information, Congress leader Sachin Pilot has surrounded CM Ashok Gehlot on many issues. Although it is known to everyone that for the last four years, there is a direct fight between Gehlot and Pilot for power and leadership in Rajasthan, but this is the first time that Pilot has held a press conference on Gehlot even after the high command refused .


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