Mission 2024: Target of 450 seats

—Anil Narendra

BJP has prepared a mega plan to make a hat-trick of power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The party plans to form a cluster of three to five seats in the Lok Sabha and fix its three-level monitoring and responsibility till the elections. Till the completion of the elections, the leaders of three categories A, B and C will carry out the responsibilities fixed on the seats of the group associated with them.

In this sequence, the work of dividing 85 seats in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand into three to five Lok Sabha groups and fixing responsibilities has been completed at a higher level. In these, central ministers and national office bearers have been kept in category A, senior leaders and MPs of other states in category B and local leaders in category C. Along with the party’s Mahasamparva Abhiyan on coming 30th January, the leaders of all the three categories will be associated with their cluster for eight months. According to party sources, A-category leaders among them will identify the anti-incumbency wave and rectify it. Along with this, efforts will be made to complete the organizational work, conduct public meetings and solve the problems of the local people. The leaders included in the C category will organize the party’s programs along with working on the ground while the leaders included in the B category will supervise these programs. In the upcoming elections, the party does not have any states with the possibility of expansion except Telangana. In such a situation, the party’s challenge is to retain the 303 seats it won and to compensate for the loss from these 144 seats where the party was second or third. The party has identified these seats by making clusters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was sworn in as Prime Minister on 29 May 2014, so the ninth anniversary was celebrated on 30 May. On 30th May, senior BJP leaders and Union Ministers held Pros Conferences across the country. On May 31, Prime Minister Modi held a rally in Ajmer. BJP announced its mega plan. According to BJP sources, the mega plan will be historic. This will be a very big level plan with the biggest public relations till the formation of the party. In this plan, the voters across the country will be reached within the next one month. Therefore, for 543 Lok Sabha seats, Booth Level President, Panna Pramukh, District President, Lok Sabha MP, Rajya Sabha MP and State President will start going among the public.

In fact, the occasion of completion of nine years has been linked to the preparations for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. The inauguration of the new Parliament House on May 28 and the plan to install the Ramlala idol sitting in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple in Ayodhya in the coming December are part of this preparation. The BJP feels that its position in North India has reached its saturation point. Now he will have to pay attention to the southern states towards the northeast. Losing the Karnataka elections is psychologically believed to reduce BJP’s seats, but Home Minister Amit Shah cited the example that even after losing Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh elections last time, the BJP won all the five seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Had a clean sweep in the states. Therefore, the defeat of Karnataka will not affect the Lok Sabha elections.

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