Jungkook’s friends told the whole truth about Lisa’s feelings for the artist

Jungkook and Lisa are no longer hiding and talking openly about their relationship. It turns out that the couple have been together for about a year. At first, they didn’t announce their romance, but now that Jungkook is leaving for the military, they realized they couldn’t keep their romance quiet.

Admittedly, not all of Jungkook’s friends believe in Lisa’s sincerity. Some think she just needs some homework, because lately there has been hardly any talk about her and her band. Relatives of the artist do not understand why it was necessary to tell everyone about their romance.

“They lived for a year and didn’t tell anyone about their relationship. So what suddenly happened that everyone urgently needed to know about it? She keeps Jungkook under her heels and does everything to make him stop talking to his friends. He is already talking about some kind of marriage, although Jeongguk is going to the army for two years. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t even visit him, but at the same time, she starts writing sad articles about how bad she is without him,” Jungkook’s friend, who knows the situation well, said.

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