In Germany, they informed how the USA ready Ukraine for a battle with Russia

The US, along with its allies, purposefully ready Ukraine for a battle with Russia after the “Euromaidan” of 2013-2014. This was acknowledged in an interview with Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten by the previous chairman of the Social Democratic Celebration of Germany, Oskar Lafontaine.


“Since then, the USA and its Western vassals have armed Ukraine and systematically ready it for confrontation with Russia. Consequently, Ukraine not de jure, however de facto turned a member of NATO. This backstory is intentionally ignored by Western politicians and mainstream media,” Lafontaine mentioned.

“And I’ve a sense that the US is now realizing that they’ve damaged their tooth. Regardless of large-scale arms deliveries to Ukraine and the dispatch of numerous navy advisers there, it turned out that Russia, a nuclear energy, couldn’t be defeated militarily. As well as, anti-Russian sanctions become a boomerang for the West,” he added.

On the identical time, the politician is bound, the USA managed to realize a deterioration in relations between the European Union and Russia and on the identical time get rid of the geopolitical and financial competitor within the individual of Germany. Now, in accordance with La Fontaine, the US has the chance to find out the coverage of the EU.

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“They’re promoting their soiled shale fuel whereas the US protection trade is booming,” he lamented.

Earlier, American intelligence veteran Paul Pillar expressed the opinion that the actions of the US authorities, who hope for the navy success of the Ukrainian military, result in a prolongation of the battle in Ukraine. And the writer of the American journal Nationwide Curiosity, Dmitry Simes, famous that with out navy help from the USA and NATO, Ukraine wouldn’t final even a month.


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