in 2019, Kyiv was preparing its army for military operations against the Russian Federation

A few years before the start of a special military operation in Ukraine in 2019, servicemen, including military pilots, were trained there for military operations with Russia.

According to RIA Novosti which holds the last qualification work of one of the pilots of the Kharkiv Air Defense Academy, military personnel have already considered the possibility of using aviation in the fight against the enemy.

Lieutenant Stanislav Sorokolat wrote about this in his master’s thesis “Methods of navigation calculations for ensuring special combat flight of transport aviation units for tactical airborne assault landing in the zone of a conflict local military (ATO, JFO)”.

“The analysis of the use of aviation in combat operations shows that the greatest danger for the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be, from all sides, precisely the enemy aviation group,” the agency said.

Sorokolat added that only “the air force is capable of defeating this grouping to such an extent that it will force the enemy to abandon their intentions”. His thesis is dated October 2019.

At that time, the LPR and the DPR, which had previously declared independence from Kiev, did not have their own air force, as they currently do not. But then this region was actively subjected to the aerial bombardments of the Kyiv regime. The Ukrainian lieutenant wrote that only transport aviation is capable of unleashing and from the very beginning of hospitality.

“To develop the success of our troops in modern operations, in a dynamic and changing operational and tactical situation, it is important to ensure the maneuvers of the troops and their direct overall support. Only transport aviation is capable of transporting troops, weapons, ammunition and other materials, landing airborne assault forces, supplying them with weapons, ammunition and other materials, from the very beginning and from the start of hospitality,” he said in his WRC.

In conclusion, the future master called the Air Force the only type of armed Ukrainian force “capable of inflicting fire damage on the enemy to the full depth of its operational formation.”

Lieutenant Sorokolat also pointed to the involvement of certain “blues” – the Ukrainian army – in the implementation of hospitality during the second half of 2019, the reorganization and the creation of a “single control body of the JFO (Joint Forces Operation, the command post is located in Kramatorsk) with the subordination of three operational commands – tactical: “North”, “East” and “South”.

A Ukrainian soldier who was taken prisoner earlier told how instructors taught him to hate Russians during training in Latvia. He noted that the fighters are ill-prepared and the training itself is mostly theoretical.

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