Gamers? Pet lovers? HyperX and PLAY have some dog toys for you!

No, this is not an April Fools Day joke. With National Pet Day just around the corner, HyperX and PLAY have teamed up to create dog toy versions of your favorite HyperX gaming peripherals just for the gamer dogs in your home!

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Not only are the new toys pet-friendly, but they are also eco-friendly. Made from high-quality, sustainable materials and featuring colorful and engaging designs to stimulate pets’ natural instincts to play.

“As pet parents, we want to do everything with our furry companionship and are passionate about creating new products to enhance the human-animal connection. Now with the help of gaming leader HyperX, pets everywhere can truly assume the role of player two in their humans’ lives and unlock a new way to interact with each other in a fun and engaging way.”

Will Chen, CEO & Co-Founder of PLAY

So just what do HyperX and PLAY have in store for your favorite pooch(es)? Three toys and a chill pad, modeled after some of HyperX’s best-selling gaming peripherals. Here’s what HyperX has to say about the new toys: Game alongside your pet IRL with a matching “Alloy Keybark” Gaming Keyboard toy, constructed with a supersized squeaker and crinkles. Both you and your furry friend can chat and stream with the wearable “Cloud Arfa” Gaming Headset toy, modeled after the Cloud Alpha, equipped with durable dual squeakers for the ultimate playtime experience. The interactive “PAWdcast” Microphone toy, modeled after the QuadCast S microphone, is enhanced with hidden rope and advanced textures and sounds designed to capture any pet’s attention. Once it’s game over, enter cooldown mode on a soft and plushy “Pulsefur Mat” chill pad, modeled after the Pulsefire Mat mouse pad, available in multiple sizes.

“HyperX is excited to collaborate with PLAY to bring a new line of pet toys to market. As pet lovers ourselves, we know how important it is to keep gamers (of all species) physically active and mentally stimulated. Our collaboration with PLAY is a natural fit because, as we at HyperX like say, WE’RE ALL GAMERS.”

Stephanie Winkler, director of marketing, HyperX

The new products will be available just in time for National Pet Day on April 11th at 7:00 am PT. For more information on HyperX x PLAY’s gaming-peripheral-inspired Toys and Accessories availability, please visit the HyperX x PLAY informational page.

  • Cloud Arfa Gaming Headset – MSRP $15.90
  • Alloy Keybark Gaming Keyboard – MSRP $10.90
  • PAWdcast Microphone – MSRP $13.90
  • HyperX x PLAY Toy Set in Gift Box (3 pieces: Headset, Keyboard, Microphone Pet Toys) – MSRP $37.50
  • Pulsefur Mat (Chill Pad – Medium) – MSRP $65.00
  • Pulsefur Mat (Chill Pad – Large) – MSRP $79.00

Be sure to check back before then to see how the toys fared against a pair of Lab crosses for our full review!

What do you think about the HyperX and PLAY dog toy collaboration? Will you be picking up some of these dog-friendly gaming peripheral toys for your pooch? Let us know on social media by using the buttons below.

HyperX x PLAY dog toys

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