Drivers are rushing to buy Amazon gadgets to cool down their cars WITHOUT wasting fuel on AC

SHOPPERS are rushing to buy an easy car accessory perfect for keeping you cool in the warm summer months.

Using your air conditioning in your car can send fuel costs soaring – but online shoppers have a savvy solution.

The innovative solution cools your car for cheap


The innovative solution cools your car for cheapCredit: portableacchill tiktok
The mini air con can cool off your car and save you money, they claim


The mini air con can cool off your car and save you money, they claimCredits: Amazon

One option on TikTok showed a mini portable air conditioning system which runs with the help of water – and similar items have rave reviews on Amazon.

For only £45, the mini air conditioning unit provides cool air on blistering hot days.

It’s perfect for saving money on petrol and cooling down your car quickly.

One buyer raved: “The water tank is really easy to fill, and once filled the air cooler worked excellently.

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Drivers are just realizing about a hack that cools cars in seconds & SAVES fuel

“The fan was powerful enough to cause a pleasant breeze, and the cold water cooled the air very well, cooling the room down to a nice temperate relatively quickly.”

Another said: “I bought two of these and honestly they were life savers.”

A car expert shared another summertime hack which instantly cools down your leather seats and steering wheel.

Handily, TikTok user @carisgoodthing has discovered a spray that reduces the temperature of the steering wheel and leather seats in seconds.

UK drivers can find the spray on for less than £1, while the product description reads: “It has an effective cooling factor which quickly vaporises when sprayed.

“It absorbs the heat of the air and the surface of the object to achieve a rapid cooling effect. Suitable for rapid cooling of car parts after being exposed to the sun.”

It’s recommended that drivers test the product on a small area of ​​interior trim first – just as a precaution.

In the video, the poster sprays the car seats and then uses a thermometer to demonstrate how much the temperature has dropped in just a few seconds.

It comes after TikTok user @brcke took to social media to share a £7 retractable car sun shade that can be purchased online and has excellent reviews.

Plus, a car expert revealed a little-known tip to improve your car’s fuel economy this summer – and it could save you hundreds of pounds.

The mini air conditioning units are the perfect solution


The mini air conditioning units are the perfect solutionCredit: portableacchill tiktok

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