40 Best Gadget Gifts for 2023

‘Tis the season to blow your hard-earned savings on the coolest gadget gifts for loved ones—and maybe a few things for yourself, too. This holiday season, we went deep and pulled together a gift guide of 40 gadgets fit for

outdoor lovers, DIYers, tech gurus, and all-around nerds.

The best gadget gifts are the ones you can show off, and each product on our list is made for just that. These are gifts that are perfectly practical and bold by design. There’s something here for everyone: Rugged outdoor gear for campers and backpackers; fun board games for the home body friends who love gatherings; high-tech self-heating mugs for hot coffee and tea drinkers; headphones and earbuds fit for audiophiles; musical instruments; retro-cool digital watches; and culinary tools for those chefs who love cooking at home.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a professional techie or new to the world of innovative, beautifully-designed products, these are gifts for friends and difficult-to-shop-for family members—you know, the folks who say they don’t ‘don’t want anything this holiday season but secretly do. And if you’re still not happy with what you find here, check out our specific gift guides for this year’s holiday season. Just be sure to keep those receipts!

Impress everyone and anyone you’re shopping for this holiday season and check out our recommended gift guides for husbands, hilarious gags, travelers, movie lovers, and woodworkers.

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